domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

Thing 23 Making It All Work Together

I chose to use Hoopsuit. It wasn´t easy, I wouldn´t say it is user  friendly but in the end I managed to do it. By now I´m less scared of trying things and clicking here and there to see what happens..
I wish the free account gave more space for more than three social networks but it is as it is and time will say whether I stick with these ones or change.
Yes, I find it difficult to keep up with social media. I understand you have to be posting frecuently so your posts are on top of the lists and I´m not devoted to it. There are times when I´m absolutely into it, but not most of the time. What is certainly true is that now I have a better grasp of social media and obviously can give better advice to my students. It´s a matter of time and self esteem, I ´m getting more in control of that part of life which is getting more and more important nowadays.

So thank you so much Rudai23 team, it´s being a really wonderful journey, best use of time, patience with myself, excitement, delightful course. I´m very grateful with you all!!!

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  1. I agree with your about hootesuite, I wish it let your add just one or two more accounts. But I guess they have to make their money somehow!
    You are very welcome. I have really enjoyed being your moderator.
    Maggie, you are almost finished. We just need you to write a blog post for thing 5 Facebook/Twitter and then you are finished Rudai23! I'm delighted to se ethat you have already signed up for your certificate. I can sign off on the cert once we get the post for thing 5! Sorry, almost done!!

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for your comment. I have now added a reflection to complete the blog post of Thing 5.